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AppRiver Company Overview

AppRiver Overview

  • Founded: April 2, 2002
  • Corporate Headquarters: Gulf Breeze, Florida
  • EMEA Headquarters: Lupfig, Switzerland
  • Offices: Atlanta, Georgia; Austin, Texas; Barcelona, Spain
  • Employees: 220
  • Services: Spam and virus filtering; Web malware protection; email encryption; eDiscovery and archiving; secure Exchange hosting; and Office 365 Plus.

AppRiver has a simple mission - to be Phenomenal.

Just because it's simple doesn't mean it's easy. We've worked hard to earn the trust of 47,000 customers worldwide - and keep 93 percent of all our customers since we launched the business. We'll keep on working hard because that's what it takes to stay ahead of the threats that today's businesses face in the increasingly treacherous online world.

So what does being phenomenal mean for you? It means you can try out any of our services at no charge for 30 days and make sure they're right for your business. It means you can cancel your service at any time without penalties. And it means you will deal with a well-trained, experienced team of AppRiver employees - available all day, every day - from your first call and every call after. All of that means you'll have fewer issues and that the ones you do have will be resolved right and quickly.

In just a few short years, AppRiver has grown to become a worldwide leader in email and Web security, but new threats are emerging every day. Count on the phenomenal team at AppRiver to keep your business productive, your network safe and your information secure.